The Georgia Spa Story

Georgia Spa Company opened its first store in the spring of 2004 at the Mall of Georgia in Buford, with a clear vision from owners Mark and Joy Stevens. The Stevens had previously owned a John Deere® Tractor Dealership in Snellville. After selling the John Deere dealership, the Stevens were looking to enter a new avenue of retail sales, and the hot tub industry was very attractive to them. The Stevens wanted to bring the same level of service and quality from their experience with John Deere to the Atlanta leisure product market. Bringing this quality ownership experience was something that was missing in North Georgia.

Mark contacted Bullfrog® Spas International and inquired about opening a store on the northeast side of Atlanta. Bullfrog Spas was excited to partner with the Stevens on their new store. From the beginning, Georgia Spa Company has delivered and serviced every spa they have sold, and having this level of service has always been their top priority.

Georgia Spa Company quickly became a destination many north Georgia families visited to pick out the perfect spa for their family. During the first year of business, Georgia Spa was recognized as one of Bullfrog® Spas top dealers in the United States. This recognition has continued each year since. A multi-brand concept was started in 2007 with the addition of Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs. The same success that Georgia Spa had achieved with Bullfrog Spas was quickly realized with Jacuzzi. Numerous sales, customer service and Top Dealer awards were achieved with both manufacturers.

In its first few years of business, Georgia Spa Company noticed that quite a few spas they were selling were going towards the Athens market. Early in 2007, when many local hot tub dealers were closing their doors, Georgia Spa expanded to a second store on Atlanta Highway in Athens. This positioned Georgia Spa to serve their existing Athens customers with water analysis, chemicals and hot tub accessories.

In late 2010, Georgia Spa Company added Watkins Manufacturing brands Hot Spring® Spas and Caldera® Spas to the lineup of quality spas offered. Georgia Spa recognized Hot Spring Spas was the number one selling hot tub in the world. The quality, dealer systems and attention to the customer were unmatched by any manufacturer that they had carried in the past. By eliminating quality issues and overseas manufacturing issues, they saw how Hot Spring Spas would help Georgia Spa become the number one hot tub dealer in North Georgia and the Atlanta market. With a complete brand to represent, Georgia Spa made the decision to represent only Hot Spring Spas and become the Hot Spring Spas expert in Atlanta.

In August of 2012, Georgia Spa Company added a third showroom to the Metro Atlanta area by the opening of their Kennesaw store. Four short years later, the company grew again in November 2016 when it opened its fourth showroom in Alpharetta.

Most recently, Georgia Spa Company grew beyond the Metro Atlanta market opening up its first location in Augusta in August 2018.

Today, Georgia Spa Company operates its five showrooms as well as a separate pre-owned showroom and service center in Auburn, Ga. One of only two TradeCertified spa dealers in Georgia, Georgia Spa employs several sales and service experts and continues to deliver and service every hot tub they sell in-house. Georgia Spa now has more than 15,000 customers that depend on them for service of their spa. From day one, Georgia Spa Company’s motto has been “When Service and Quality Count!”

Come visit us at the Georgia Spa Company, you will clearly see our difference. Quality and Service are not expensive…they’re priceless!