Cooking Classes

It’s hard to beat that feeling you get when you buy your first Big Green Egg, take it home and pull it out of the box. It’s like a kid at Christmas. But like a kid with a fancy new toy, a lot of people don’t know what to do with it. Georgia Spa Company wants to help you develop the skills and knowledge to get the most out of your new grill because Big Green Eggs can do so much! Our cooking classes are designed to help you sharpen your cooking skills from the basics to the advanced.

Georgia Spa’s management team has been evaluating the current coronavirus pandemic situation to make sure that we protect you and our employees alike.  With that said, we have decided that holding in-person events is not in the best interest for either of us.  We have decided, instead of cancelling the classes, to provide those who had previously signed up for a class with a private virtual Big Green Egg event.

There will be two dates for the private virtual cooking class event, and you will receive an email to select which date you want to attend the virtual event. This will only be available to those who have previously signed up for a cooking classes. Georgia Spa Company will send you a private link to login in and attend the virtual event for the date you select. This will allow you to interact with the class instructor, ask questions and hopefully come away from this event with more knowledge on how to have fun on your Big Green Egg.  We will also be offering a gift card to all attendees at the end of each virtual class!