Cooking Classes

It’s hard to beat that feeling you get when you buy your first Big Green Egg, take it home and pull it out of the box. It’s like a kid at Christmas. But like a kid with a fancy new toy, a lot of people don’t know what to do with it.

Georgia Spa Company wants to help you develop the skills and knowledge to get the most out of your new grill because Big Green Eggs can do so much! Our cooking classes are designed to help you sharpen your cooking skills from the basics to the advanced. Led by some of the industries best cooks, Georgia Spa Company’s cooking classes cover everything you need to know!

In addition to learning more about your grill and what it can do, each cooking class provides you with a full meal, the opportunity to network with other grilling enthusiasts, and 15% off grilling accessories that day.

In 2018, Georgia Spa will have two series of cooking classes. The first series, Summer BBQ Favorites, was held in June. Thank you for everyone who came out and packed out each class. The second and upcoming series of cooking classes, Hands-On Pizza Making with Pizza-Porta’s Cortlandt Minnch, will be held in November.