Hot Tub Owners

Maintenance and care

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Spa Care

Make sure your spa stays clean with our selection of premium water care products.

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Replacement Covers

Our hot tub replacement covers are the best in the industry. You can purchase less expensive hot tub covers, but none will match the quality and life of our replacement spa covers.

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Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Relax and rejuvenate in your Hot Spring or Freeflow spa year after year by following these minimal maintenance tips.

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Water Care & Troubleshooting

For any issues with your water care, check this list to find probable causes and solutions so you’ll be able to get back in your spa as soon as possible.

trade in, trade up

Trade In Your Spa

The value of your old hot tub will depend on several factors including hot tub brand, hot tub age (years), and hot tub condition (wear and tear). We suggest that you schedule a free trade in evaluation for your old hot tub. We will gladly come out to your home and give you an assessment for your old hot tub.

Spa Features Upgrades

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ACE Salt Water System

This innovative water care system makes water care extremely easy by automatically creating powerful cleaners that keep spa water sparkling.

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Entertainment Systems

Hot Spring Spas offers a variety of entertainment options, so you can enjoy your favorite music in the comfort of your spa.

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SilkBalance™ was formulated with a unique technology that immediately begins to adjust the water’s properties, removing excess minerals and metals, which if allowed to build up over time can be detrimental to filters and pumps.

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Covana products offer solutions to cover spas and swim spas. It is fully automated and can be raised and lowered using the safety key switch. You no longer have to fight to remove the cover manually.

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With the CoolZoneTM System, you can heat and cool the water — something that is not possible with most spas. Enjoy a cool dip during the day and warm soak later that night.

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Hot Spring Connextion™ Remote

Should your Hot Spring® spa need attention, the ConnextionTM messaging system can instantly alert you and your dealer so that your spa can be serviced at the earliest opportunity.