Water Care

Every spa requires a water care system. When you choose Hot Spring you can select from three great options. From our exclusive ACE salt water system, to our complete line of Freshwater bottled products, we are certain we have the option that will work best for you and your lifestyle. We also carry SilkBalance, which is designed to eliminate the need for excessive chemicals.

ACE® Salt Water System Family Image

ACE® Salt Water System

The exclusive and patented ACE hot tub salt water system automatically creates five powerful cleaners that keep your hot tub water clean and fresh for longer, without harsh chemicals. Water feels more natural, is easier on your skin and won't leave you with that chlorine smell after you use your spa.
EverFresh® Water Care System Family Image

EverFresh® Water Care System

Our EverFresh hot tub water care system utilizes a combination of ozone, silver ions, and MPS non-chlorine oxidizers to create crystal clear hot tub water, with reduced levels of chlorine. The benefits to hot tub owners include the ability to use the hot tub sooner after treatment than with chlorine systems, MPS has a low pH, is quick dissolving has no odor.
FROG® @ease With SmartChlor® Family Image

FROG® @ease With SmartChlor®

Available on Hot Spot® spas, this in-line system automatically dispenses SmartChlor® chlorine and minerals for carefree water care. It self-regulates, maintaining a consistent level of protection. @ease creates softer feeling water that’s virtually free of chemical odors since the system works with up to 75% less chlorine.
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Traditional Spa Water Care Systems

For those who prefer the traditional path to hot tub water care, we provide a complete line of products designed and approved for use with any Hot Spring spa.
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SilkBalance leads the way in premium spa water care with a unique, unmatched, proprietary formula specifically designed to eliminate the need for excessive chemicals, wasted time, and work involved with traditional or salt water systems.