Add Appeal and Value to Your Home Rental

Add Appeal and Value to Your Home Rental

Staying at someone else’s house or using an apartment as a rental used to just be considered a hip, trendy alternative lodging for budget conscience travelers. What started small primarily within larger cities has expanded to rural areas and smaller towns, and is now often a preferred method of temporary accommodations worldwide.

In fact, according to a Bloomberg article that reported on a survey done by the Cowen Group Inc., Airbnb is expected to book a billion nights a year by 2025!

Whether through Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway or any other rental service, homeowners are quickly learning that renting their homes can be lucrative, provide disposal income and aid in paying down a mortgage.

Here in Georgia, these type of rentals are everywhere from cabins in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia to inter-city escapes in Atlanta to beach houses on the coast. Temporary home rentals are also a desired style of lodging during special events such as large business conferences, concerts or sporting events like the Super Bowl or Masters Week in Augusta each April.

Just like with hotels, a home rental with more features and amenities is going to have more appeal to potential guests. If you’ve ever looked up a stay a cabin in the mountains, then you know the best rentals come fully equipped with king sized beds, games rooms, and particularly, hot tubs. Rentals that have these upgraded features are usually booked faster and for more money.

That’s why Georgia Spa suggests increasing the appeal and value of your home rental with the addition of an at-home relaxation product as your next update, remodel or renovation project. A new hot tub, swim spa or sauna can help make your property standout amongst the crowd.

Hot tubs can go on backyard decks, patios, under gazebos or in sunrooms, and offer your guests many benefits. Guests can physically feel better with hydrotherapy, improve emotional wellness, enjoy better sleep and get quality time with fellow travelers or take in the tranquil peace of soaking alone if on a solo trip.

Add Value to Home Rental Endless Pools

Swim spas are another great backyard addition to consider for those who have a little more space and want to add even more to their rental. On top of offering many of the same benefits of a hot tub, the Endless Pools Fitness Systems at Georgia Spa Company also offer year-round aquatic wellness and swimming with advanced swim-in-place technology.

Saunas are a great idea for an addition in that they offer many options that can go several places inside or outside your home, can be small or large and can be traditional or infrared. If you have a space that you’ve been unsure what to do with it, there’s a good chance a sauna could fit, especially custom cut saunas that go under stairs, in closets or bonus rooms. There are many benefits to saunas use as well including but not limited to stress reduction, exercise recovery, soothing aches, relaxing muscles, flushing toxins, inducing a deeper sleep and fighting illness.

Add Value to Home Rental Sauna

Not to be overlooked, don’t forget that guests staying at your home may choose to cook rather than eat out. Upgrade your barbecue option from a standard grill to a Big Green Egg – the Ultimate Cooking Experience and ultimate grilling amenity for your rental.

Best of all, any of these suggested upgrades to enhance and improve your rental will be available for your own enjoyment on the days you’re not renting!

Bringing Relaxation Home since 2004, Georgia Spa Company will be glad to assist you through all the steps in adding a spa or sauna. You can browse options on our website, request price quotes, schedule free test soaks at one of our showrooms or have us come visit during free in-home consultations.