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Hot Tub FAQs

Can I finance a hot tub?

Yes! Many people choose to finance their hot tub and make monthly payments rather than pay for it all at once. Financing will also widen your options and could help you get the hot tub of your dreams. When you purchase a hot tub, be sure to ask us about financing options. The benefits of a hot tub will pay for itself.

What is the difference between a 110v spa and a 220?

A 110 hot tub plugs into a 110v 20 amp dedicated circuit, it will run the jets or the heater. A 220 spa is hardwired, and runs the jets and the heater at the same time.

What’s the difference between a hot tub with a lounger, or a hot tub without?

A hot tub without the lounger provides additional seating and a hot tub with a lounger enables the customer to stretch out in a designed lounge area.

What is the main difference in the different heights of hot tubs?

Our hot tubs come 29, 33, 36, and 38 inches tall, respectively. One of the most noticeable differences is in the footwell area as the spa gets taller, the footwell area gets deeper.

What does the phrase "Plug-N-Play" mean?

A "Plug & Play" or "Plug-N-Play" simply means you are able to plug it into a 110 outlet and run it without additional electrical set-up.

How often should I use my hot tub?

Just 15 minutes a day every morning or evening can have a significant impact on your health and outlook. Many hot tub owners will use their hot tubs once a day, sometimes twice a day. And on weekends, it's a great way to spend time with family. You'd be surprised how often you'll want to step into your hot tub. You'll want to refer to your hot tub manual on how you safely use your hot tub.

What does the phrase "Plug-N-Play" mean?

A "Plug & Play" or "Plug-N-Play" simply means you are able to plug it into a 110 outlet and run it without additional electrical set-up.

Should I use my hot tub before or after exercise?

There are benefits to soaking before and after exercise. A hot tub will help increase blood flow, relax muscles and aid with healing and prevent muscle damage. If you exercise often or have intense workouts, you'll love how relaxing a soak in the hot tub is after your routine and the calming effects before your routine. There are also innovative options such as CoolZone which can reduce your spa water to as low as 60 degrees providing a cooling soak on those hot days.

How can I enhance the hot tub experience?

There are many ways to increase the enjoyment you'll get out of your hot tub. We like to add entertainment options to the hot tub experience. Watch this video on hot tub music for more information.

What is the difference between a spa that has a circulation pump and a spa that does not?

Typically the difference is in the type of chemicals that you can utilize with that take your spa; the spa that has the circulation pump is moving and cleaning 24/7, whereas a spa without a circulation pump is set on a timer to circulate.

Who services and does warranty repairs on hot tubs?

Even the highest quality hot tubs will naturally require some maintenance over the years. Your owner's manual will be your first go-to resource should you encounter anything. If you need further assistance, you should call your local dealer which sells the same brand of hot tubs. For Hot Spring Spas and Freeflow Spas, Georgia Spa Company is the local dealer in the North Atlanta area. We'd love to take a look and help with any spa service needs.

How often will I need to do maintenance on my hot tub?

Hot tubs come in a variety of building materials, water care systems and levels of quality. It used to require a lot of maintenance many years ago when most hot tubs were built using wood cabinets. The amount of maintenance on those were similar to what you'd need to do for a deck. Today, with synthetic materials, maintenance is minimal if any at all.

As for water care, it will depend on your exact system. Salt water hot tub systems tend to require less maintenance and chemicals while standard systems still are fairly easy to deal with. You'll end up spending as little as 5 minutes a week on pH balancing and checking the sanitizer and 15 minutes a month on rinsing out filters. Some filters can even be ran in a dishwasher. Often you can get away with draining and refilling your spa about once a year. With more traditional water care systems it might require this process a few more times per year.

Why is a salt water system so popular?

Salt Water systems like the FreshWater Salt System simplifies water care even more. Chlorine is automatically generated so you'll spend less time adding chemicals and will need to drain and refill your tub less often. It makes hot tub ownership easier than ever and produces more natural feeling water.

What are the requirements to install a hot tub?

It's actually a simple process to determine what you need to get a hot tub installed. You'll need a location that is accessible. If a pathway is too narrow there are options such as using a crane to get a hot tub in a backyard. You'll want a level, solid surface. Concrete and reinforced deck are popular surfaces but often people will install a hot tub on pavers, slabs made of wood or gravel and even more options. You'll also need to decide between a 100V or 220V model. And also you'll need to consider being able to drain and refill the hot tub. Our experts will help guide you through this process.

What else should I consider with spa placement?

You'll want to consider how close the spa is to your door. The more often you use it, the closer you'll want it to your house so that on colder nights it's much easier to get in and out of the house. Also, you'll want to consider the level of privacy you want. You could even use some hot tub cover options to create some extra privacy. Georgia Spa Co. will assist you with selecting the perfect spot for your hot tub.

Will I need to install the hot tub myself?

Generally, we'll perform the delivery and installation of the hot tub to make things much easier. Also, we'll ensure that you'll have everything up and running smoothly. There are plug-n-play models which makes installation a breeze. We'll go over your options when you are purchasing a hot tub.

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