6 Person Hot Tub

A Spacious
Luxury Hot Tub

The Geneva is a luxury hot tub featuring a spacious interior that seats six adults. The comfortable UltraMassage® lounge and dual Euphoria® massage jets provide the ultimate massage to thighs, knees, calves, and tired feet.




Arctic White

FreshWater IQ System

FreshWater IQ is an in-line, self-monitoring salt system that tells you what it needs to maintain clean, natural-feeling water, with less time and effort. Because we believe your hot tub should take care of you, not the other way around.

How It Works:
Salt System + Smart Monitoring System

The Salt System automatically generates chlorine from salt to keep your spa water feeling naturally fresh and ready to enjoy.

The Smart Monitoring System automatically tests your water every hour and provides clear instructions when adjustments are needed for clean water.

Designed to

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Seats & Jets

Take a seat. You'll immediately feel the Caldera difference, thanks to the unique, body-hugging contours and ergonomically designed configurations. Utopia Series spas take jet massage to a new level with added hip, wrist, and neck jets for a full body experience.

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Hot Tub Circuit Therapy®

Each Utopia model has up to eight Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® stations. Rotate through the circuit for a full body massage or just concentrate on the areas that need the most attention. Experience transformation in just 20 minutes.

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FreshWater® Salt System

The FreshWater® Salt System creates longer-lasting, natural-feeling water with very little effort on your part. It's the Simpler, Cleaner, Fresher Way to Hot Tub.

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EcoTech® Plus

Strength meets style with the EcoTech® Plus cabinet. Available in three contemporary colors, our premium cabinet includes a modern black header, wood grain accent, stainless-steel trim and integrated LED light bar that will complement any backyard aesthetic.

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Touchscreen Controls

Easily adjust jets, lighting, optional wireless sound system, and optional FreshWater Salt System with the intuitive Advent® touchscreen control panel. Each Utopia model also features an auxiliary control panel, so you can adjust jets and lights from a secondary location within the spa.

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Create a special ambiance with the adjustable SpaGlo® lighting system that accents individual zones throughout the spa, such as bar top, footwell, waterfall, and exterior front panel.

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Music-ready Utopia models include low profile integrated speakers that can be paired with our Bluetooth® wireless sound system. You can also enjoy live TV and streaming video from the comfort of your spa with the optional 22" 1080P wireless monitor with anti-glare screen and optional vinyl cover.

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Energy Efficiency

In addition to the energy saving features built into every Caldera spa, the Utopia series features a thermal isolated base pan that beautifully frames the bottom of the spa while minimizing ground contact and improving energy efficiency. The EnergyPro circulation pump in our Utopia Series spas saves you money by operating at a very low wattage to filter water. Heater use is reduced, as energy used to operate the pump is transferred back to the water as heat.

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On/Ready Logo Light

Each Utopia model features an illuminated Caldera logo badge which lets you know at a glance when your water is at the set temperature. It also indicates if your spa needs maintenance, a filter change, or service.

That Transform


Longer lasting, natural-feeling water that won't irritate eyes or dry out skin.


Our premium cabinet includes a modern black header, wood grain accent, stainless-steel trim and integrated LED light bar that will complement any backyard aesthetic.


Customize your massage with six different jet sequences and three speeds.


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Primary Specs
Seating Capacity 6 Adults
Dimensions 7'5" x 7'5" x 38" / 226cm x 226cm x 97cm
Water Capacity 410 gallons / 1550 liters
Weight (dry) 1000 lbs. / 455 kg
Weight (filled) 5470 lbs. / 2485 kg
Heater Output EnergyPro® Titanium Heater (4,000 Watts)
Electrical Requirements 230v/50 amp
GFCI Sub-Panel GFCI Sub-panel (50 amp) included
Filter Size 100 sq. ft. filter
Jet Count 55 Total Jets
Jets 1 Atlas® Neck Massage, 40 Euro jets, 4 VersaSage® jets, 4 AdaptaSsage® jets, 1 AdaptaFlo® jet, 2 Euro-Pulse® jets, 2 OrbiSsage® jets and 2 Euphoria® jets
Ultramasseuse System N/A
Jet Pumps 2 ReliaFlo® Pumps; 1 Dual-Speed 2.5 HP (5.2BHP) & 1 Single-Speed 2.5HP (5.2 BHP)
Clean Water
Water Care Systems FreshWater® Salt System Ready
Circulation Pump EnergyPro® Circulation Pump
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Fully-insulated with FiberCor® material, 2 lb. density, CEC-compliant
Insulating Cover 3.5" to 2.5" tapered, 2 lb.-density foam core
Bottom Seal ABS Base Plan
Intuitive Control
Control System Advent® LCD Touchscreen Control with Auxiliary panel
Branding Large acrylic logo plate with On/Ready indicator light
Spa Shell Options White Pearl, Platinum, Tuscan Sun, Arctic White, Midnight Canyon
Cabinet Type EcoTech® Plus
Cabinet & Step Colors Java, Ash & Parchment
Water Feature 1 Acquarella® Waterfall with LED lighting
Multi-Color LED Lighting SpaGlo® Multi-Zone LED Lighting including 12 Points-of-Interior Lights and 4 Corner Exterior Lights
Cover Lifter (Optional) ProLift® II, ProLift® III, or ProLift® IV
Cover Colors Chocolate, Slate, Taupe
Cover Design Curved front skirt
Optional Accessories
Speakers (Optional) 6 - 1" square
Entertainment System (Optional) Wireless Audio System with BlueTooth® Technology; Subwoofer; 22" HD Wireless Monitor (each sold separately)
Step Type (Optional) Utopia® Step in Java, Ash & Parchment
Ozone System (Optional) Corona Discharge Ozone
Cool Zone Optional
Smart Spa Technology (Optional) Caldera Spas App, Powered by the Connected Spa Kit

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