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The Spa Cover You Expected. The Spa Cover You Deserve. 

Smartop Spa Cover is manufactured to the highest quality standards with a goal of providing an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting hot tub cover unlike any other in the market. Our patented, exclusive design and top-of-the-line materials, assure you receive the hot tub cover you expect and one you deserve. Custom-built to your specifications, giving you a perfect look and fit, making Smartop the ONLY choice for your spa cover needs. Made 100% in the USA.

The Smartop Difference

For more than fifty years, spa owners worldwide have desired an alternative to the ever-failing vinyl cover that becomes water-logged, develops mold and mildew and loses its efficiency and ability to hold in heat, resulting in higher energy costs. Smartop is the only energy-saving spa cover solution that gives you a hassle and maintenance-free experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the spa ownership experience you expect and deserve.

Elegant colors. Exclusive materials. Contemporary design. Personalized details. Every Smartop is custom made to your specifications ensuring an aesthetically pleasing cover that enhances the look of your spa and its surroundings.

Smartop Spa Covers are manufactured using the finest materials designed to withstand the harshest elements. All components of our strong spa covers are repairable and replaceable, which allows Smartop to be long-lasting and outperform traditional foam covers in every category.

Every Smartop spa cover is made using superior materials and craftsmanship by skilled men and women in the USA who take pride in their work. Smartop is proud of the product it has designed and manufactured and wants you to be as well. Smartop provides a three-year warranty. We are proud of the product we have designed and manufactured and want you to be as well. Review Smartop's full Performance Assurance Guarantee here.

Functional and easy-to-use cover lockdowns with a combination padlock protect against unsupervised and unauthorized use of the spa. Smartop's patented design allows the cover to outperform its competition, as it's able to maintain its structure when tasked with Snow load, children, animals, tree limbs, and other outside factors.

Smartop is maintenance free and requires no costly surface treatment or conditioning. The durable polymer panels and DecoShield overlay are fast and easy to clean using dish soap and water. No stitched seams to treat or foam to flip makes Smartop effortless to own.

Smartop's heat retention capability (R-value) has been tested against and proven equal to the highest-rated vinyl covers. Unlike traditional foam covers, Smartop maintains its R-value throughout its lifespan due to the insulation never absorbing moisture, resulting in consistent heat retention and cost savings.

Smartop is insulated with Owens Corning closed cell, waterproof foam, making it impermeable to water weight gain eliminating sagging and water puddling. Smartop is sanitary and clean and will not develop mold or odor.

Tens of thousands of traditional foam covers are disposed of annually and filling landfills at a record pace. Unlike traditional foam covers, Smartop was developed with the environment in mind. Through the use of superior materials, an advanced design and repairable and replaceable components, Smartop can be the last spa cover you will ever need to buy.

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