6 Person Spa

Draws a Crowd.
Works the Room.

The family-friendly Vanguard offers six seats in a mid-sized space. It includes two Moto-Massage® DX bucket seats to soothe your neck, shoulders, back, hips, calves and feet.

People: 6 Seats
Jets: 42
Seating: Open
Size: '7'3" x 7'3" x 36"
Voltage: 230 V
Water Care: FreshWater® Salt System Ready




Alpine White


Explore Highlife®

Legendary Massage

Comfortable seats with purposefully arranged jet systems work together to target specific muscle groups. The result is distinctive massage from your neck to your shoulders, back, wrists, calves and feet.

Personalized Control
The Comfort Control system lets you dial in your ideal experience - from a soft touch to a powerful massage. Use the SmartJet system to customize water flow to different jet groups and seats throughout the spa.

Moto-Massage DX Jets
The patented Moto-Massage DX moving jet delivers two streams of water that sweep up and down your back while four Precision Jets massage your neck and shoulders, creating an unparalleled hydrotherapy experience.

hot tub in winter

Super Energy Efficient

Highlife® Collection spas offer the very best in energy saving design with a comprehensive Energy Smart system. Your spa will be hot and ready when you are, while keeping energy costs low.

Energy Smart System Features - Saving You Money:

  • Layers of high-density polyurethane foam insulate the spa shell.
  • An insulated base pan creates insulating air space against cold ground.
  • Proprietary spa covers ensure a tight fit to keep heat from escaping.
  • A low-energy pump circulates water using less energy than a 40-watt light bulb.
  • The titanium heater maximizes heat transfer.
  • A pump shroud captures heat from the equipment compartment to minimize water cooling.
Hot Tub Filtration Diagram

Easy Water Care

Crystal clear spa water is essential to your soaking experience. Highlife Collection spas offer exclusive innovations that keep your water clean with less effort.

100% No-Bypass Filtration
All the water is filtered all the time. In other spas, water bypasses the filters while the jets are on, when you need it most. Tri-X filters provide more effective filtration area to filter significantly more water.

FreshWater Salt System
This system automatically generates chlorine from salt for soft, natural-feeling water without harsh odors, itchy skin or irritated eyes. Keep your hot tub water clean and feeling great for up to a full year.

Hot Spring Substructure

The Absolute Best 
Hot Tub Ownership Experience®

No matter which model you select, you can count on superior quality, comprehensive warranties and outstanding customer care from our experienced dealers.

Polymer Structure and Base Pan
The lightweight, polymeric substructure provides an outstanding support structure, integrated with the sealed base pan, that will never rust or rot.

Committed to Our Customers
Hot Spring's dedication to high-quality construction and unparalleled customer care means you can enjoy your spa for years to come. You can count on support from both Georgia Spa Company and Hot Springs Spas to ensure your spa is always running at its best.

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Visually Stunning

The Highlife Collection redefines how a hot tub can look. Comfortable, sculpted seating and stylish design details work together to create a design that's more like furniture than a hot tub.

Distinctive Color Palette
Choose from six cabinet finishes and a variety of shell colors to create a look that's just right for you.

Customizable Zone Lighting
Create the perfect ambiance inside and outside the spa from subtle to spectacular with the multi-zone LED lighting system.

Ready to Begin Creating Your Personal Oasis?

Hot Tub
Health Benefits

Our attraction to water continues to help us think and feel our best. Whether it's to soothe aches and pains, or to calm a restless mind, the transformative effect of water is quite powerful. While it is so simple to experience, the benefits of water immersion are often discounted or simply just unknown, and when they are discovered, the surprise is huge!


hot tub
Key Specifications
Total Seats 6
Lounge Seat No
Dimensions 7'3" x 7'3" x 36"
221 cm x 221 cm x 91 cm
Water Care System FreshWater Salt System Ready
230 V
Water Capacity 375 gallons / 1,425 L
Dry Weight
710 lb. / 320 kg dry
Filled Weight* 4,890 lb. / 2,225 kg

*Includes water and an adult weighting 175 lb. for every seat

Jet Count 42
Jet Types 2 - Moto-Massage® DX
2 - SoothingStream®
2 - JetStream®
2 - Rotary Hydromassage
10 - HydroStream®
22 - Directional Precision®
Comfort Control Yes
SmartJet System Yes
Jet Pump 1 Wavemaster® 9000
2.5 HP Continuous Duty
5.2 HP Breakdown Torque
Jet Pump 2
Wavemaster® 9200
2.5 HP Continuous Duty
5.2 HP Breakdown Torque
Clean Water
100% No-Bypass Filtration Yes
High-Flow Tri-X Filters Yes
Effective Filtration Area 325 sq. ft.
Water Care System FreshWater Salt System Ready
Circulation Pump SilentFlo 5000®
Floor Drain
Energy Efficiency
Insulation Multiple Layers of Urethane Foam
Proprietary Heater Titanium No-Fault® 4,000 W / 230 V
Patented Pump Shroud Yes
Custom-Fit Insulated Cover 3.5" to 2.5" Tapered, 2-Pound Density Foam Core with Hinge Seal
Bottom Seal Insulated Polymeric Base Pan
Energy Standards Meets California Energy Commission (CEC) and APSP 14 Energy Efficiency Standards for Portable Spas
Intuitive Control
Control System IQ 2020® with Wireless Remote Touchscreen
230 V / 50 amp, 60 Hz
Includes G.F.C.I. Protected Subpanel
Diagnostic/Ready Light Yes
Cabinet Colors Java
Brushed Nickel
Shell Colors Alpine White
Ice Gray
Tuscan Sun
Cover Colors Vinyl: Nutmeg or Graphite
Polyester: Black or Gray
Water Feature
BellaFontana® with Three Illuminated Arcs of Water
Lighting System - Interior
Customizable LED Zone Lighting
Lighting System - Exterior
Multi-Color LED Lighting with Timer
Polymeric Substructure Yes
Optional Accessories


Smartop Upright 3.0 or Vanish XL
Covana Oasis LS with LED

Cover Lifters CoverCradle®
CoverCradle II
Lift 'n Glide®


ModStep 2XL with Safe-T-Rail

Bluetooth Music System with Subwoofer


Additional Options

Spa Umbrella
8'x8' SmartDeck
Towel Tree
FreshWater Ozone System

No-Leak Shell 7 Years
Shell Surface 7 Years
Cabinet 5 Years
No-Leak Plumbing 5 Years
No-Fault Heater 5 Years
Component Warranty 5 Years
Interior Light Assembly 2 Years
Wireless Remove Control Battery 1 Year

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