Tanner T.

Employee Spotlight: Tanner Tedeschi

Tanner Tedeschi is Georgia Spa Company's Marketing Manager. He joined the GSC team in 2015, and during his seven years GSC has grown from three retail locations to six and received the Hot Spring Spas Alice Cunningham Retail Excellence Award for Marketing & Promotions three times. Tanner's co-workers enjoy working with him and appreciate his efforts to organize employee appreciation events and lunches! Tanner said what he likes most about working at Georgia Spa is "ownership's investment into the company's employees."

What was your first job?
I was a clerk/bagger at Ingles. I worked there for two summers while I was in high school.

Where do you like to vacation/travel and why?
I have traveled to Nicaragua twice for Cigar Safaris. Those were very memorable trips. I also have enjoyed traveling to Boston to watch baseball at Fenway Park and visit the North End, Boston's Little Italy. I've also enjoyed a couple Bahamas cruises. Trips on my bucket list include a cruise around Italy visiting various cities and a transpacific cruise that visits Bora Bora.

If you had to eat one meal, everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I could live everyday as if it was Taco Tuesday.

How do you prefer to spend your time off?
Watching sports, hanging out with family and friends, visiting coffee shops, going to the gym and hiking. I recently hiked Mt. Yonah and Blood Mountain. Those were two of the better day hikes I've been on so far.

What are three things you have left on your bucket list?
1. Visit Italy to see the sights and history, and maybe connect with some distant relatives.
2. Hike Glacier National Park in Montana.
3. Maybe skydive. It's been on the list for a while, but still to be determined if I'll take the leap.

What is a TV show you like to re-watch a lot?
I don't usually re-watch TV shows. I would rather watch something new, but sometimes I'll flip to reruns of Impractical Jokers or Big Bang Theory. Those are two I can watch anytime.

What is your hidden talent?
When I was younger, I learned how to say the alphabet backwards.

What is your favorite sport?
My all time favorite sport is baseball. I played for years and went to a lot of Braves games growing up. It surprises most people, but my favorite sport to watch is actually hockey - especially in-person or during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

What is your favorite movie?
All time favorites are The Godfather, parts I and II, and Boondock Saints, but I have several favorites depending on the genre. Without a Paddle and Little Italy are among them.

What is the best advice you've ever gotten?
Life is too short for what ifs and regrets. Do the things you want when you have the chance. And take chances. Tell others how you feel. Don't look back five minutes from now or at the end of your life and have what ifs and regrets you could have done something about. Live your life now and be happy.

That's something a close friend said to me earlier this year, and I've heard something similar on a couple podcasts I listen to as well. It really hit home when I heard it and has stuck with how I try to go about things nowadays.

What is something you would tell your 13-year-old self?
At that age I was playing a lot of sports, mostly traveling baseball, year-round, so I'd say slow down and expand the things you are involved in. There's more to life to experience and enjoy.

What is your favorite song?
Currently, it is probably Astronaut in the Ocean by Masked Wolf.

If you could have dinner with any three people, alive or dead, who would they be?
If I'm having a special dinner with anyone, I'm picking the people closest to me - my parents, Vince and Misty, and my brother, Tye. Our family dinners are the best and usually filled with lots of laughter. Those nights with them are better than picking anyone famous or random for dinner.

What is your favorite holiday and why?
St. Patrick's Day. I like all the green, the Irish pub music and all the festivities of the holiday.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
I am a dog person, I have an 8-year-old dog named Elias, or Eli for short. He's named after Walt Disney's middle name. He was a puppy when I adopted him from Petsmart through the Humane Society. His DNA test results show him to be part Labrador retriever, German shepherd, American Staffordshire terrier and boxer.

What's your favorite hot tub and why?
I really like the Hot Spring Envoy. The Envoy has everything you could want in a hot tub - it's spacious with a variety of seats including a lounger that has Moto-Massage and captain's chair.