Employee Spotlight: Tim Meadows

Employee Spotlight: Tim Meadows

Tim Meadows joined Georgia Spa Company in the late summer of 2019, and he has been a terrific addition to our Augusta sales staff. He was named Georgia Spa’s Employee of the Month for Sales in April 2020. Tim is currently pursuing an IT degree, and he really enjoys helping his customers find the perfect hot tub that fits their needs.

What was your first job?
Server at a hibachi restaurant.

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?
Grandma’s house in the summers growing up. I got to enjoy her pool and spend a lot of quality time with her.

What is your favorite band?

What is one goal that you plan to accomplish during your adult lifetime?
Make a difference in at least one person’s life.

Are you a dog person or a cat person (or neither)?
Both, but I am allergic to dogs.

What’s your favorite sport to watch and which team do you root for?
Baseball and the Boston Red Sox

How do you recharge?
Go for a run, up keep around the house, or watch Star Wars in order according to the story line.

What are three things still left on your bucket list?
Visit Bora Bora, go to Fenway park for a night game against the Yankees, and visit family in Germany.

How to you prefer to end your day?
Sit outside, enjoy the outdoors and relax.

Describe your dream vacation.
Spending quality time with my fiancé at a beach resort with no cell service.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to join the military.

If you really knew me, you’d know?
I’m spontaneous.

What is your favorite hot tub?
The Excursion. It’s a simple design, very rugged and it has a cooler.