Erick Erickson and his Hot Spring Envoy hot tub backyard

Erick Erickson is a Georgia Spa Company Hot Tubber

Erick Erickson has welcomed wellness to his backyard with a hot tub from the Georgia Spa Company, a Hot Spring Spas Envoy.

Erickson, a radio host on WSB 95.5 Atlanta's News & Talk and his nationally syndicated Erick Erickson Show, now enjoys the many therapeutic benefits, increased family time and stress-relieving mental escape that soaking in a hot tub regularly provides.

"My wife is doing a Strong Man competition," stated Erickson. "She can come home from the gym, and the hot tub thoroughly massages her calves and hamstrings. She's learning how to pull a UPS truck, among other things, and the hot tub is a great therapeutic massager."

After exercise and letting you muscles and heart rate cool down, a hot tub session helps your mind and body relax while stimulating the healing and recover process. It's also great before exercise to get the blood flowing and loosen up muscles.

Erickson has also connected more with his son while using his Hot Spring Envoy spa.

"My son is the DJ," exclaimed Erickson. "He brings out his iPhone and connects it to the Bluetooth audio system and plays very eclectic music. We hang out and enjoy lots of laughs and storytelling."

An alum of Mercer University in Macon, Erickson practiced law for six years before becoming a political contributor for CNN in 2009. It was at CNN that his radio career began. With no experience on radio but a background on TV, he was asked to work as a replacement for other personalities multiple times. In 2011, a vacancy on WSB Radio in Atlanta opened when Herman Cain ran for president and Erickson has been there ever since.

During his tenure on radio, Erickson has been a regular guest host for Rush Limbaugh, Herman Cain and Neal Boortz - another Georgia Spa Company hot tubber!

"This is a great way at the end of the week to decompress," said Erickson of soaking in his Envoy hot tub. "I can sit out here at night and watch TV, watch sports, watch movies or turn off the lights and listen to the animal kingdom media - deer and everything come to the backyard while we're sitting in here. You can also see the stars at night, and as a matter of fact, I saw a shooting star the other night."

Erickson's Hot Spring Envoy spa is also equipped with the FreshWater Salt System, an easy-to-use system that eliminates worry of keeping spa water clean, clear and sanitized for a full year.

"I was a little bit apprehensive because I'm not a handyman," noted Erickson on caring for his hot tub. "I remember when I was a kid, we had friends with a hot tub and a pool, and you had to chlorine balance and all that stuff. This is so low maintenance I can do it."

Beyond the many health benefits, family connection and relief from a long week of work, the chance to escape and enjoy a little "dad time" may be one of his favorite aspects of owning a hot tub.

"When everyone's gone to bed. It's me, and my hot tub is her waiting for me," asserted Erickson. "It's something I look forward to getting into almost every night."