Is It Time for a New Cover?

Is It Time for a New Cover?

Do you know if your old hot cover is costing you money? Is it time for a new one?

A healthy spa cover is essential for keeping your spa clean, energy efficient and ready for your enjoyment. In order to help you save money and keep energy costs down, Hot Spring Spas has put together a Five-Point Spa Cover Inspection that will help you determine if your spa cover needs to be replaced. Performing this inspection is quick and easy.

Five-Point Cover Inspection Checklist

If your spa cover is worn or damaged, it should be replaced with a genuine, new Hot Spring® spa cover for:

  • Maximum insulation
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Absolute best quality
  • Getting the most enjoyment out of your spa

If your old cover needs to be replaced, don’t delay purchasing a new one. Georgia Spa can assist you in ordering a new cover and answer any questions you may have about your spa. Contact at (678) 383-2583 or order your replacement online:

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