Lane’s BBQ Pitmaster’s Elite

Lane’s BBQ Pitmaster’s Elite

Lane’s BBQ launched an experiment in 2017 they called Pitmaster’s Select,  a yearly subscription plan for BBQ and grilling junkies, and it was a big success for the Bethlehem, Georgia, based company.

The program returns for 2018 in bigger and better ways – now called Pitmaster’s Elite. Members, who had to sign up by an early December 2017 deadline, will receive six exclusive off-the-market rubs in a NEW 12 oz. bottle and a 4 oz. bottle of the 2017 Pitmaster’s Select winner: Kapalua!

Kapalua has a sweet and salty breeze taste that pairs great with seafood, chicken, pork, beef and veggies for a tropical twist reminding you of paradise. Kapalua has been added to the regular line up of Lane’s BBQ seasonings and is available at all Georgia Spa locations.

Don’t worry that the deadline to join has passed – Georgia Spa signed up to be a Pitmaster’s Elite Retailer! Each time one of the six exclusive rubs comes out, it’ll be on Georgia Spa shelves, but only while our limited supply lasts.

Satisfy your hunger for creative cooking and experimenting by stopping in our showrooms to get your limited edition Pitmaster’s Elite Rubs!

Pitmaster’s Elite Rub No. 1 – NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Flavor Profile: Lemon Pepper + Teriaki (AKA LemonYaki)
  • Great With: Wings & Chicken

Pitmaster’s Elite Rub No. 2 – NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Flavor Profile: Honey Sriracha
  • Great With: Chicken, Pork, Seafood, Stir Fry Steak

Pitmaster’s Elite Rub No. 3 – NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Flavor Profile: Applewood
  • Great With: Pork & Chicken

Pitmaster’s Elite Rub No. 4 – NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Flavor Profile: Chili Lime
  • Great With: Pork, Seafood & Chicken

Pitmaster’s Elite Rub No. 5 – NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Flavor Profile: Cuban
  • Great With: Pork & Chicken

Pitmaster’s Elite Rub No. 6 – NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Harry’s Steak Blend
  • Great With: Beef

REMEMBER: Limited availability. Once they’re gone, that’s it. We won’t get any more in stock.

Take Notes: Lane’s BBQ wants your feedback! Provide your thoughts on each of the Pitmaster’s Elite rubs via e-mail, Facebook or Instagram.