Stevens, Kemerling Announce Presidential Bid for 2020

Stevens, Kemerling Announce Presidential Bid for 2020

AUBURN, Ga. – Georgia Spa Company Owner Mark Stevens announced the launch of his presidential campaign on Monday vowing to Make America Relax Again.

“Our country has always been on the forefront of putting in a hard days work and earning a living, and the American Dream truly is realized through determination and perseverance,” Stevens said. “Nowadays, workers put in 40, 50 or even more than 80 hours per week at work, and often come home to even more tasks that take away from any chance for downtime. That’s why our presidential campaign is going to be founded on the platform to Make America Relax Again!”

Upon announcing his candidacy, Stevens immediately tapped Georgia Spa General Manager Josh Kemerling to be his running mate. The duo has been working together to help Georgians Bring Relaxation Home since 2004, and they will soon put forth their efforts to help our entire country appreciate the need for at-home relaxation.

“It’s an honor to be selected as Mark’s Vice Presidential candidate,” Kemerling said. “Fifteen years ago, we started something special at Georgia Spa, but we can no longer keep our relaxation message within the confines of our state. All of America deserves to enjoy and benefit from being able to unwind when they come home from a day at the office.”

Mark Stevens (right) and Josh Kemerling, seen here at Georgia Spa’s annual employee dinner, will campaign for 2020 to Make America Relax Again.

While the Stevens-Kemerling ticket is being officially announced today, efforts on the campaign trail will be put on hold for the next week as Kemerling is currently enjoying spring break with his family in Florida.

“Vacations and personal time off are key parts of relaxation,” Stevens noted. “We’ll get to work on our campaign when Josh gets back.”

The Stevens-Kemerling presidential bid will be founded on the following principles:

  • Every Day Made Better
  • Plugging Into Stress Relief
  • Enjoying Your Space at Your Pace
  • Fitness, Wellness & Recovery

It’s the hope of both candidates that every American household will decide to implement a relaxation plan for their family that includes a hot tub, swim spa or sauna.

About Mark Stevens
Stevens, a military Veteran, opened the first Georgia Spa Company store in the spring of 2004 at the Mall of Georgia, along with his wife Joy. The Stevens had previously owned a John Deere Tractor Dealership in Snellville. After selling the John Deere dealership, the Stevens were looking to enter a new avenue of retail sales, and the hot tub industry was attractive to them. They wanted to bring the same level of service and quality from their experience with John Deer to the Atlanta leisure market. Mark and Joy have two children.

About Josh Kemerling
Kemerling has been with Georgia Spa from the beginning in 2004, as well, having been pulled away from a hardware dealership by Mark. Josh has held virtually every position with Georgia Spa Company, which will provide a wealth of experience to the campaign. Josh, and his wife Jessica, have four children.

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