Territory Dealer Award – Region 10

Territory Dealer Award – Region 10

Our next award is for Region 10, which includes Florida, Georgia, most of South Carolina, and Puerto Rico. 2013 was an incredible year for our next winner, after a 2012 that looked more like an episode of “extreme home makeover.” This retailer began the year with a newly launched third location and a new state of the art warehouse and corporate office, giving them great momentum. Inspired by their new location, they are now also doing a facelift on an existing store, and expanding their team.

This is a dealer that operates at a high level, yet always pushes themselves for greater success. They carefully track and post every key metric, including closing ratio, average ticket, and model mix, to keep their team aware of the factors that drive the bottom line. We consistently see their team at Watkins training seminars, and they have multiple Top Gun graduates.

This retailer is not afraid to invest heavily in high quality marketing to promote their many events, and it pays off. ACE has also made a huge difference for this retailer, in-store and at event sales. Beyond sales, this dealer is about world-class customer service, and it shows.

They started with Watkins in 2010, but also sold competitive brands. However, in less than two years they are now an exclusive Watkins retailer and have seen their sales soar. With year over year growth of 32%, and a total increase of more than 200% since they began with Hot Spring four years ago, our region 10 Territory Dealer of the Year winner is Georgia Spa Company of Buford, Georgia.

Congratulations to owner Mark Stevens. He is joined today by team members Josh Kemerling, Adam Eubanks, and Cherry Durand.