Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchens

Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchens & Grill Carts

Built with the utmost quality, craftsmanship and care, Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchens and Grill Carts complete your backyard. With a Bull at the center of your outdoor lifestyle, you’ll be set for top-notch meals and entertaining family and friends. 

Bull grills are made with 304 premium stainless steel, made to last a lifetime and can withstand temperatures over 900 degrees. Bull Grills also include cutting-edge grill technology with Reliabull. 


“Don’t trust your next BBQ meal to a grill without ReliaBull Heat Technology!

ReliaBull Even Heat Technology minimizes uneven heating and improves heat distribution on Bull grills by 150%. 

  • Reduce hot and cold spots
  • Use the entire grill with confidence 
Flame-Tamers distribute heat evenly by manipulating the flame output from side-to-side and front-to-back.
Bar-Burners use a Graduated Output System, with larger ports in the front and smaller ones toward the back. This keeps the temperature consistent by forcing more heat toward the front of the grill to match heat at the back of the grill.
Inside the Bar Burners lies a Proprietary Baffle System that allows for greater gas flow control and balances the heat output along the entire grill surface.

Georgia Spa Bull Outdoor Kitchens & Grill Carts

The Appalachian

The Blue Ridge

The Piedmont

The Oconee

Steer Grill Cart

About Bull Outdoor Products

Bull Outdoor Products has been manufacturing the highest quality premium BBQ grills and outdoor kitchens, accessories and components for over 27 years. 

Bull operates facilities in Rialto, Calif., and Athens, Tenn., with its world headquarters in Lodi, Calif., and it is the official grill sponsor of the World Food Championships. 

Bull’s success is founded on thorough research in the grill industry to bring the consumer products designed, engineered and master crafted with the finest materials available. All of the grills are CSA Gas Certified.