Dundalk Saunas FAQ

What is Clear Western Red Cedar compared to Knotty Cedar?
Clear Western red cedar is a solid cedar wood from the west coast of North America and is graded so these sauna have very minimal knots in the wood, Knotty Cedar is the same wood, most often in a smaller tree or the top part of the tree where there are more benches, hence knots in the wood. Both grades of cedar are very high quality, it comes down to personal preference on which one you choose.

Where do I hook up the electric heater?
The Electric sauna heater is mounted on the back wall of the barrel sauna near the bottom, the power comes in the back wall about 10" up from the ground for your sauna heater.

How hot can your saunas get?
Our saunas get to 190° Fahrenheit and up, depending on the conditions outside the sauna.

Do your saunas have the heater with rocks and steam?
Yes, our sauna heaters are all the traditional Made in Canada sauna heater with the rocks on top where you pour water on top to create the humidity and steam.

How much does it cost to operate the electric heater?
Our heater operate efficiently with 220 volts and 40amps of power. This would compare to electric oven or clothes dryer, and only takes power when you are using it compare to a pa or hot tub that runs all the time.

Can I stain or paint my Sauna?
You can stain or paint the outside of you sauna, do not put anything on the inside.

What type of base does my sauna require?
Any solid level area is OK to install your sauna, a wooden deck, concrete pad, crushed gravel or patio stones are ideal. As long as it is solid and level and the water can drain away.