Captain Jonathan Davis Named Hot Tub for a Hero Recipient

Captain Jonathan Davis Named Hot Tub for a Hero Recipient

The Georgia Spa Gives Back program has named Captain Jonathan Davis of the United States Army its Hot Tub for a Hero recipient of a Hot Spring Spas Flair.

Hot Tub for a Hero accepted nominations throughout October 2021 and anticipated announcing a winner in the fourth quarter of that year. Due to the dozens of deserving nominations received and the time needed to arrange a visit to surprise the winner, the announcement of Cpt. Davis as the 2021 Hot Tub for a Hero took place in January 2022 at his home in Newnan, Ga.

As the Hot Tub for a Hero recipient, Cpt. Davis will receive a Hot Spring Spas Flair equipped with a FreshWater Salt System and Bluetooth audio system. Additionally, Gravitt Electric will provide for the electrical setup of the spa while Spain & Sons Construction will provide $1,000 in concrete or deck work.

A 14-year veteran of the U.S. Army, Cpt. Davis will transition from active duty into the Reserves in 2022. Honors received during his service career include:

  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Combat Air Medal
  • Army Commendation Medal
  • Multiple Campaign Medals
  • Multiple NATO Medals
  • Multiple Service Ribbons
  • He will also receive his Senior Aviation Wings before transitioning into the Reserves.

"Jonathan is passionate about serving and helping to make sure our great country remains so," said his wife Amy Davis in her nomination, which was one of four nominations received for Cpt. Davis.

"Words written on a page cannot convey how wonderful and deserving this man is," Amy added. "Jonathan has given so much to the Army and to his fellow soldiers and citizens since the very first day of his Army career. He always has, and continues to, put others before himself time and time again. I am beyond proud of Jonathan."

Davis enlisted in 2008 and was deployed to Afghanistan following basic training. After returning the U.S., he served in the Reserves while obtaining his Business Administration degree at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he contracted with the ROTC program commissioning as an Aviation Officer in May of 2013.

Davis went on to complete his Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) and flight school at Fort Rucker in Alabama before moving to Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah and immediately deploying for nine months in Europe for Operation Atlantic Resolve.

Once back in the United States, Davis was involved with planning and executing numerous training exercises to prepare the unit Task Force Brawler for a deployment to Afghanistan. In October of 2017, Davis returned to Afghanistan, this time as a Blackhawk Pilot, and he flew nearly 200 combat hours in support of the ground forces as well as operating as personnel transport around the country. In addition to flying, Davis was also a Battle Captain, planning and implementing missions and training activities.

After that Afghanistan deployment, Davis returned stateside to complete the Captains Career Course at Fort Rucker, and in February of 2019, he was chosen to become an instructor for the BOLC. Following his time as a BOLC instructor, Davis took command of Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) of the 1-212th Aviation Brigade. A year later, he was selected to command the Alpha Co of 1-212th Aviation Brigade, the company that is tasked with training all the Blackhawk pilots in the U.S. Army. While taking a new command at Alpha Co., he also became an Instructor Pilot.

As he transitions into the Reserves, Davis will work as a pilot but also continue his instruction of Blackhawk pilots at Fort Rucker part-time.

" Jonathan has given his all to the Army," said Amy. "As a helicopter pilot he developed a passion for aviation and teaching that has translated into his civilian life as well."

In addition to flying helicopters, Cpt. Davis also flies fixed wing aircraft, and has used his time and knowledge to volunteer with organizations within the community including:

  • Working with the Young Eagles Program (EAA Chapter 351) to introduce children to aviation
  • Volunteering for Pilots and Paws, an organization of pilots that help transport shelter pets to different destinations so that they can be adopted instead of euthanized
  • Active member of the Rotary to Airline Group
  • Peer-mentor to those looking to find careers after leaving active duty

Cpt. Davis was also nominated by his father, Bruce Grammer, brother, James Cooley, and friend, Eric Tetu.

"Since enlisting, Jon has always assumed leadership roles and has strived to go above and beyond in support the mission, his people and his country," Said Grammer. "As with most military personnel, he has made and endured personal sacrifices. He has been, and is currently, a tribute to the American soldier and a proud representative of the U.S. Military."

"An Army aviator's primary roll is to 'support the ground force,' and Jon's willingness and eagerness to help others, in addition to his absolute love of flying has made him perfectly suited for this," said Cooley. "While a sacrifice to himself, family, and friends, Jon has always stepped up and had a willingness to volunteer to go on the challenging missions and put himself in harm's way before others."

"Jonathan and I have been close friends since we were 10 years old and remain close friends to this day," said Tetu. "We even joined the military together and ultimate ended up deploying together. A bond like that is a testament to his character. Though we mostly made it out unscathed, the military life takes its toll on everyone who serves. He has suffered quite a few injuries that cause him constant pain. Even with physical therapy and flight training, he still takes the time to look after his fellow soldiers, animals and pets on a regular basis."

A very deserving recipient of the Hot Tub for a Hero program, Captain Jonathan Davis will receive his new Hot Spring Flair in February.

Captain Jonathan Davis and his wife Amy visited Georgia Spa's Newnan showroom to check out the Hot Spring Flair model following the surprise announcement earlier in the day.