NorthStar Outdoor Saunas

Features & Options

NorthStar Sauna

  • Nordic White Spruce (NWS) interior and exterior
  • Exterior surface must be painted or stained
  • Benches, backrests, and all surfaces that touch the bather: Clear Aspen or Abachi
  • Integral Backrest LED lighting (with RGBW color light therapy)
  • Heater and control: 4'x6': 4.5 kW Viki heater with SL2 or 5'x7': 6.0 kW Viki heater with SL2
  • All NorthStar Series includes the SL2 control and mobile app with worldwide functionality
  • Integral floor with waterproof vinyl surface
  • Metal roofing standard
  • All-glass door, bronze tinted glass
  • Sidelite window, bronze tinted, insulated glass

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