2024 Hot Tub for a Hero: Vicky Moore

Vicky Moore Named 2024 Hot Tub for a Hero: Teacher Edition Recipient

Vicky Moore, a mathematics teacher at Cherokee Bluff Middle School, has been named the 2024 Hot Tub for a Hero: Teacher Edition recipient from the Georgia Spa Gives Back program.

After an extensive review process of hundreds of nominations, Moore was selected to receive a Hot Spring hot tub from Georgia Spa Company. On a teacher workday prior to summer break on Tuesday, Cherokee Bluff principal Robert Wilson asked all faculty to gather for a meeting where the surprise announcement was made in front of Moore's peers.

Moore received multiple nominations coming from parents of current students, former students, and friends.

  • "She is an amazing teacher," said Lori Smallwood, a student's parent. "She pushes her students to be the best they can be. She teaches them more than just math. She teaches them how to believe in themselves, how to ask for help when needed, and how mistakes are part of life. It's how you rise above it that defines you."
  • "Vicky is an amazing teacher and really enjoys molding children to be the best they can be," said Moore's friend Laurie Attaway. "She loves kids and enjoys helping them with self-esteem issues and the trials and tribulations of just being a teenager in today's society."
  • "Mrs. Moore is amazing," said Jessica Ching-Langer, a student's parent. "She is dedicated to her students and always keeps the parents involved. She encourages her students when things are hard. She works to help the students transition to middle school. I love her realism. Fostering of community and inclusion and still sets high expectations for her students."
  • "Mrs. Moore is more than just a teacher," said another student parent, Barbary Juarez. "She's a loving person. I am absolutely grateful for her patience, compassion, knowledge in teaching to my child."
  • "I currently have twins in sixth grade," said Ashley Morales. "They both have Mrs. Moore as their math teacher. Everyday I am updated with what the students are learning, how I can help and if there is anything I need to pay attention to. I never have to ask because she is always on top of things."
  • "I believe I owe much of my current success to her unwavering support," said Ayesta Pradham, a former student who Moore taught at Indian Creek Elementary School. "I enjoyed participating in reading competitions, but I began to lose motivation to read longer books and resorted to shorter, simpler ones. Mrs. Moore encouraged me to tackle longer books, a practice that undoubtedly improved my reading skills."
  • "She fostered an enjoyable classroom environment that made me and others eagerly anticipate each lesson," added Pradham. "I will forever be grateful for her guidance and support during my elementary school years."
Hot Tub for a Hero: Teacher Edition recipient Vicky Moore visits the Athens Showroom with her family.
Delivery Day! Our Hot Tub for a Hero: Teacher Edition Vicky Moore receives her Hot Spring Spas Rhythm.

The Georgia Spa Gives Back program congratulates Mrs. Moore, and while only able to select a single winner, we were profoundly impressed by the exceptional quality and dedication of all the nominated teachers. The nominations collectively highlighted the incredible impact these educators have on their students and the broader community.

We would also like to say thank you to each person who took a moment to recognize excellence in teaching by submitting a nomination. Your support and appreciation of an educator is invaluable.

Launched in June 2018, the Georgia Spa Gives Back program allows Georgia Spa to help others in our community. The Gives Back program selects a charity or cause to support with a portion of proceeds from a given month or quarter's sales, and it has grown to annually provide more than $100,000 in contributions. An initiative of the Gives Back program, Hot Tub for a Hero awards a hot tub to a deserving recipient each year:

Hot Tub for a Hero is also made possible through support from partnerships with Hot Spring Spas, Gravitt Electric and Spain & Sons Construction.