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Massage Chair 
Health Benefits

The physical and mental benefits of massage chair use can be truly astounding in unexpected ways, and massage chairs can be used easily on a daily basis.

Reduce Stress

Improve Your Mental Health

Research has shown massage can lower your heart rate and blood pressure and also increase the production of endorphins - your body's natural "feel good" chemical.

Ease Back Pain

Enjoy Deep Tissue Muscle Recovery

Massage can help increase blood flow and circulation, which brings needed nutrition to muscles and tissues to help aid in recovery of soreness or injury.

Sleep Better

Increase Productivity & Alertness

Massage has been found to improve sleep quality by triggering the release of seratonin, a neurotransmitter that can help you feel calm.

Improve Circulation

Increase Range of Motion

Massage helps release pressure on your 4 body and moves blood through congested areas. The squeezing and pulling also flushes lactic acid from the muscles resulting in improved circulation.

A Massage Chair Can Help You Sleep Better

Massage Helps to Reduce Pain for Better Sleep

According to the AMTA, 50 to 70 million Americans experience sleep issues that affect their health. People who had regular massage reported a decrease in pain with fewer sleep disturbances.

Massage Helps Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Regular massage sessions have been found to decrease depression and anxiety levels and improve sleep quality. Massage can trigger the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps you feel calm (National Sleep Foundation).

Relaxing, Full-Body Massage Whenever You Need It

Many high-end massage chairs include a combination of massage styles to deliver the most customizable massage possible. When you enjoy your own customized massage daily, you will experience less pain, which in turn will help you sleep more soundly.

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